I do not view capitalism in terms of left and right. I see it as a"tool", and like all tools can be manipulated, and in essence, I perceive it to be "neutral". In our current version, worker's wages have stagnated, and people don't have the spare funds to participate in the "consumer society"! This is illogical, and infact, is supported by the fact, that people are encouraged to take on credit/debt, to enhance their ability to spend! This is an insidious method of capitalism-financialised capitalism! Which inevitably leads to "boom and bust"! I believe in a form of social capitalism, and that wealth created, should be distributed fairly, for the good of all of society. A smarter form of "socialism". If that is not too contentious in our "neoliberalist"- age! It irks me to hear tory mp, after mp, ridicule labour with the phrase: " bankers paying less tax than their cleaners"! This is stain on labour, and they should do much better than this! I am not a rabid Trotskyist, militant, in any sense. But capitalism has been the sole preserve of the "right", and we must use this "tool", to create: "a more just,and fairer society"-for all!