Trade Union Bill

Conference notes that the Tory Government’s ‘Trade Union Bill‘ is currently before the UK Parliament, and that the Labour Party and labour movement are firmly opposed to the vindictive and unnecessary legislative proposals contained therein.

Conference believes that trade unions are a force for good in society, and form an essential part of any modern democracy. Further, Conference acknowledges that trade unions have been at the forefront of progressive social change, both in securing improved employment rights and in tackling poverty and inequality.

Conference resolves

a)      to work with the STUC and TUC to stand up for the rights of workers;

b)      to back the resolute stance taken by Labour at Holyrood, in Cardiff and at Westminster in opposition to the Tories’ attack on working people;

c)      to endorse the position adopted by Labour Local Authorities in Scotland which have pledged not to co-operate with attacks on facility time or check off, and to oppose the use of agency workers;

d)      to call on all other local authorities, and the present Holyrood government, to support Labour’s approach.