We love our NHS

Bill_NHS.JPGIt was Valentines day yesterday, it was a bitterly cold morning, and I was out knocking on doors because we love our NHS.

Over the past few weeks, the management of the NHS has hit the headlines. In December 2014, thousands of people had to wait for more than four hours to see a doctor at A&E. This cannot go on.

We owe so much to our NHS staff, the doctors and nurses who work so hard, day in, day out. We rely on them every day, and they deserve our respect and our admiration.

There's something wrong - and we have to do something now. 1 person waiting over 4 hours is one too many.

This morning we gathered lots of signatures, and spoke to so many people who all agree. The NHS enjoys a very special place in the hearts of people throughout this country. We pride ourselves on having a system of health care that puts the needs of patients before anything else, regardless of wealth, class, age or gender.

The people we were speaking to this morning were telling us how they relied on the NHS, and when I hear them talk about their experiences, it makes me proud that it's our Party that has a plan for the future, based on our Labour values.

We want to tax those with properties worth over £2m, to pay for 1,000 new nurses here in Scotland. Redistribution at work.

We will introduce a £100m frontline fund, targeted towards A&E, to help alleviate some of the pressure.

And we will fight to reduce cancer waiting times - because we want Scotland to have the best cancer waiting times in Europe.

We love our NHS - and we will fight tooth and nail for it!