The big six rip-off

Yet more evidence that the energy market is broken emerged yesterday, when Ofgem told us that despite cutting energy prices, the big six are set to increase their profits per household.

The energy regulator suggested that the big six could see their pre-tax profits rise by as much as £37. As your Member of Parliament, I have devoted a lot of time to fighting these companies.

Too many people today are forced to make the decision about whether to heat their home, or to eat – whilst the Energy Companies make even more money out of us?

Wholesale prices are falling much faster than the price paid by the consumer. This is wrong. For the pensioner living in Knightswood, or the single mother living in Netherton, where is the justice in this?

It’s time for us to give the energy regulator a bite to match their bark, and force companies to bring down their prices.

It’s time to end this broken market, and to make it work for working people.

It's time to elect a government who have the backbone to bring these companies to account.

Only a Labour Government can deliver that change.

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