I Oppose South Street Incinerator

Over the course of the 2015 General Election Campaign, I've heard many concerns from our communities about the waste plant being proposed at South Street.
I, like so many local residents, am concerned about the effect of this plant on the area. On Friday, I submitted my formal objection to Glasgow City Council as part of the planning process. I want to share this with you and to make clear that I stand right behind local communities and residents on this important matter.

To whom it may concern,

Objection: Planning Application 15/00549/DC.

I write to object in the strongest possible terms to planning application 15/00549/DC.

I have been contacted by a large number of people in the affected communities, and I completely share their concerns. I object for a number of reasons: not least that the local residents and community groups don’t want it. The sheer size and scale of the project is enough cause for concern. The proposed chimney is, as I understand it, due to be around 70 meters tall, which will scar the skyline.

We also don’t know what the effect it will have on the health of local residents. There will be an increased level of pollution around the area, including fumes and odours from the plant, and an increased level of traffic along the already highly polluted Dumbarton Road Corridor.

I sincerely hope and believe that you will take into consideration the very legitimate concerns of the affected communities when reaching a decision.


John Robertson
Scottish Labour Candidate for Glasgow North West
Member of Parliament for Glasgow North West since November 2000