People Make Glasgow Home

Yesterday, Glasgow City Council published a new plan for house building in the City. 

In 2012, Glasgow Labour pledged to build 3,500 new homes by 2017. Currently, over 2,500 homes have been built, including housing built as part of the Commonwealth Games, and we are currently on course to more than beat that target.

The new People Make Glasgow Home plan pledges to build 25,000 new homes by 2025, including new homes in Drumchapel. 

Councillor Paul Carey welcomed the plan, saying: "This is great news for people across Glasgow, and great news for Drumchapel. Millions of pounds have been invested in Drumchapel to make it a better, safer place to live for everyone. This new investment is a sign of our continued support for the area".

You can read more about the new Housing Strategy here.