Local MP calls for positive and constructive debate

Tweets from the official Glasgow Anniesland SNP branch saying "Vote Labour, Vote Stupid, Vote Glue Sniffer" has been condemned by Glasgow North West MP John Robertson.

"This tweet in particular shows a contempt for thousands of people across this constituency. This campaign should be about the issues facing the people living in our communities, not calling people who disagree with them ‘glue sniffers’.

"Our communities are crying out for change - to tackle low pay, to axe the Bedroom Tax, to tackle rip-off energy prices. It is our responsibility to keep a high level of debate, and not resort to petty insults.

I hope my SNP opponent will join me in condemning these remarks and pledging to keep this a positive and constructive campaign"

Mr Robertson will write to Carol Monaghan, the SNP candidate, and all other candidates for Glasgow North West, to ask them to join his call for a constructive debate in the weeks ahead.