Elections Info

Register to Vote

The Last Day to Register to vote in the General Election is the 20th of April 2015.

Individual Electoral Registration has now come into effect in Scotland, make sure that you're not at risk of falling off the register and losing your ability to vote.

You can register to vote online, here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

If you would rather, you can print off a paper form and send it to this address:

Glasgow City Council
Electoral Registration Officer
PO Box 15311
G4 7DL

The form can be found here.

Vote by Post

The last day to register for a Postal Vote is the 21st of April 2015.

We would recommend as many people sign up for postal votes as possible, and now anyone can apply for a postal vote.

This form is returned to the same address as above.

You can print off and fill out the form, here.