A Stronger Holyrood

Flags.jpgOne of the biggest achievements of the last Labour government was delivering devolution across the UK. The Scotland Act 1998, steer through Parliament by Anniesland's own Donald Dewar MP, created a Scottish Parliament we can be proud of.

As part of the Calman Commission, Labour worked on a cross-party basis to bolster the Parliament. It delivered borrowing powers to the Parliament for the first time and also gave it greater control over setting the Scottish Rate of Income tax.

Now, as part of the recent Smith Commission, our parliament will be stronger than ever. While still benefiting from the size, saftey and security of the UK, Scotland will have control over all areas of Income Tax in Scotland and will have wider-powers - including playing a key role in delivering disability Benefits in Scotland.

What will Labour do?

Labour will keep fighting for a strong Scottish Parliament.
Labour will deliver the smith COmmission proposals in the UK Parliament to do this.
Labour will use the powers to create a fairer, stronger, better Scotland as part of the UK.

Labour is the party of Devolution.