4. A Fair Deal for Glasgow

A Fair Deal for Glasgow

Fighting Cuts to Local Councils

The SNP Government in Edinburgh has cut Glasgow’s budget by more than £130million. It didn’t have to be this way.

Scottish Labour’s plan to put a penny on income tax would have stopped these cuts. We would introduce a rebate of £100 so that those earning under £20,000 a year would be no worse off. 

The Scottish Parliament has the power to fight austerity. Instead the SNP used our Parliament as a conveyer belt for Tory cuts. 

We proposed one penny to save jobs and services. The SNP rejected it.

The Council Tax

The SNP once promised to abolish the council tax in 2007 and 2011. After 9 years in power, 5 years with a majority, we still have it. 

Scottish Labour will do what the SNP have failed to. We will abolish council tax. We need a fairer form of taxation for local government. One that is up to date, and asks those with the broadest shoulders to bear a slightly bigger burden. 

That's why Scottish Labour will introduce a fair tax based on property value. Under our plans, 80% of households will pay less - that's almost 2 million people.  

Scottish Labour have a fairer plan for our country. And only Scottish Labour know how we will pay for it.