1000 Nurses

1000 More Nurses

Benefiting for the UK-wide Mansion Tax, Labour would invest in 1000 nurses for the Scottish NHS, tackling the A&E an patient care crisis that has developed under the SNP Government. 

Leader of Scottish Labour Jim Murphy MP said:

"1000 more nurses would make a big difference to the NHS, which is increasingly under pressure in Scotland.

"To take just one example, 1000 more nurses would enable us to properly invest in specialist nurses to care for Motor Neurone Disease patients where, despite there being 400 patients across Scotland, there are just 7 specialist nurses.

"It is estimated that fewer than 1000 homes in Scotland would pay this new Mansion Tax but we would all benefit from 1000 more nurses in our NHS."

What will Labour do?

Labour are the only party that promise to deliver 1000 more nurses for the NHS.
Labour are the only party Support a Mansion Tax on the rich to make this possible.

Labour will Support our NHS.